Mark Vega, Esq.

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  • LGBTQ Ally & Activist
  • Addiction Recovery & Resilience
  • Thriving Post Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Inclusion & Equality


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Mark is a US Army veteran, LGBTQ+ ally, stroke-survivor and addiction recovery advocate and entrepreneur. ( You can find Mark presenting in small intimate settings and wired for sound for 1000+ audiences.  Everyone evolves through transitions and Mark’s expertise is helping people do just that.  He has worked as a strategic deal maker with nearly 30 years of experience as a team builder, leader and advocate in the media, entertainment and marketing industries.

He cut his teeth in the US Army as a field reporter and television anchor of the American Forces Korea Network and then as a civilian late-night talk radio host in markets across the country.  Appreciating the power and protections of the constitution, Mark transitioned into a First Amendment and then intellectual property lawyer.

Mark also co-founded Omelet, the country’s first 2.0 ad agency that pursued a 50/50 business model with ½ of the company’s efforts focusing on work-for-hire advertising and marketing and ½ the development and exploitation of intellectual property owned or controlled by the agency often in conjunction with its brand clients. (

Mark currently volunteers as the Judge Advocate for the legendary Hollywood Post No. 43, The American Legion, Department of California. (

After surviving two major strokes in 2015 and  2016, Mark took up long distance running and completed a couple of marathons (including the NYC!) before discovering his love of ultra-running clocking 50k events as often as he can (pending schedule changes mandated by the whims of his most amazing 17-year old twin girls.)

Mark believes women rule / trans people are rising / race colors everything / veterans deserve celebration / all content serves a purpose (even tik tok @law_of_transitions)

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